Craniosacral Therapy
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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle treatment which listens to the body´s natural rhythms and expressions of health through touch. The body has an inherent capacity to heal itself but this natural tendency can be compromised by environmental stresses when trauma occurs. 

Craniosacral therapy is particularly effective in treating trauma held in the body following childbirth, accidents, chronic illness and psychological stress.

Craniosacral therapy can bring about release and reorganization through its primary orientation towards the patterns of health within the body

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What does a Craniosacral Therapy session involve?

You lie on your back on the treatment table fully clothed and Alice places her hands on your body principally on your cranium (head) and sacrum (the bottom of your spine).  The contact is very light and Alice listens through her fingers to the flow of health within your body identifying areas of contraction and restriction held in the tissues and fluids.

Clients can find treatments deeply relaxing and through a series of treatments can experience the relief of symptoms, increased mobility and greater vitality.


I have had a lingering knee injury that was treated by a physio with some good results but no total cure. I came up to Waipu at Christmas for a holiday and noticed the Healing Centre on the main street, I was still have pain in my knee so I decided to make an appointment with Alice for a Cranial Sacral treatment. The whole experience at the appointment was fascinating and I could feel change happening while she was working, Alice has a very gentle manner and I felt extremely relaxed and calm throughout. I could feel my muscles relaxing and realigning during the session, even though it seems that there is little happening, a big internal change occurred. After the treatment the dull pain in my knee was gone and I felt much more mobile immediately. That night the pain that had been waking me up during my sleep was gone and I slept restfully. The next day it seemed that there was further improvement. I live in Wellington, so I'm not able to go and see Alice regularly, she did recommend a local practitioner that I will be going to see to continue the improvements.
Stefan Knight Wellington.